Before Mirjam submerged herself into the animal world she has worked many years as a social worker with people that had mental or physical disabilities. Before starting this company we had the idea it could be a suitable place for people with a handicap but if it would work in real life had to be tried out. Trough Mirjam's former employer we asked if there were suitable clients for this. They didn't think twice about that and responded positive.

These days people with a disability are placed within regular companies through a placement project. Thought behind this is that people will feel and develop better in a new environment that is busy rather than in a passive environment. That way Marcel joined us and is now "Chief of Cavy water bottles". Hij loves his job and has grown so far that he is even taking on other tasks.

But also for the IBN we have made place at our company for reintegration. Next to that "Oosterpoort" (a youth care institute) has pupils participating at our company.

Long story short, it is pettastic at our breeding company!

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