REBAS is a rodent breeding company in the South of the Netherlands. The name Rebas is a contraction of the name René Bastiaans. If I recall correctly I've had rodents since I was seven years old. On that birthday I got my first Syrian hamster and his name was Ringo. That name was given to him by my sisters who were madly in love with Ringo Star of the Beatles. And I can assure you this rodent was at least as cute as he was. 

In the years after that more congeners joined and with that the first litters were born. Extension towards the other species within the rodent genus were inevitable. My second big passion became fancy rats. When I grew a little older my hobby was continued in my own shed and I started to broaden my interest in the origins of the wild congeners of my pets. Also I met people with similar interests and got introduced to the world of showing rats and dwarf hamsters. At a later stage my friends an  I even organised international shows for the most beautiful animals. The last one was in April 2009 where the REBAS Trophy Cup was introduced.

A few years ago I traded my job for my own company in breeding rodents. Together with my wife Mirjam I founded the company REBAS and we now deliver to more than 360 different pet stores the healthy and lovely pets that find their way to new owners like myself when I was 7 year old.

At this moment REBAS has grown to a social company that helps social institutes, schools and training facilities benefit from it. Despite the fact that we are a commercial company the passion and love for animals hasn't disappeared and it is still shows the hobby and soul that made us start.


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