REBAS is a certified learning company for Helicon and Green Schools, but we are also getting regular request from other schools, educations and universities for internships. The diversity of animals we breed makes that we are a relatable environment for students to have their work experience. René is officially a tutor and guides the students through a complete programme together with Mirjam. From the whole line of care the students are tutored. The activities are being filed in a journal so that everybody can look back to the points being carried out during this time.

The activities during internship are: 

  • Care in the broadest sense
  • Cleaning the animal cages
  • Feeding and providing water
  • Gender determination of animals
  • Setting up breeding pairs

Also the students may assist in breeding the rabbits and take care of hair and nails of the guinea pigs. Next to that a ride to deliver the animals to the several pet stores is also planned.

For information regarding an internship Mirjam Bastiaans can be contacted at phone number: 06-48337798.

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