REBAS is a certified learning company for Helicon and Green Schools, but we are also getting regular request from other schools, educations and universities for internships. The diversity of animals we breed makes that we are a relatable environment for students to have their work experience. René is officially a tutor and guides the students through a complete programme together with Mirjam. From the whole line of care the students are tutored. The activities are being filed in a journal so that everybody can look back to the points being carried out during this time.

The activities during internship are: 

  • Care in the broadest sense
  • Cleaning the animal cages
  • Feeding and providing water
  • Gender determination of animals
  • Setting up breeding pairs

Also the students may assist in breeding the rabbits and take care of hair and nails of the guinea pigs. Next to that a ride to deliver the animals to the several pet stores is also planned.

For information regarding an internship Mirjam Bastiaans can be contacted at phone number: 06-48337798.

Before Mirjam submerged herself into the animal world she has worked many years as a social worker with people that had mental or physical disabilities. Before starting this company we had the idea it could be a suitable place for people with a handicap but if it would work in real life had to be tried out. Trough Mirjam's former employer we asked if there were suitable clients for this. They didn't think twice about that and responded positive.

These days people with a disability are placed within regular companies through a placement project. Thought behind this is that people will feel and develop better in a new environment that is busy rather than in a passive environment. That way Marcel joined us and is now "Chief of Cavy water bottles". Hij loves his job and has grown so far that he is even taking on other tasks.

But also for the IBN we have made place at our company for reintegration. Next to that "Oosterpoort" (a youth care institute) has pupils participating at our company.

Long story short, it is pettastic at our breeding company!

The information on this website provides you with an insight of how REBAS can be of service to you in the supply and knowledge of several animals. Of the rodents that we deliver about 90% is bred by ourself. Exceptions are rabbits and sometimes guinea pigs, these are supplied by hobby breeders from within the region. Our experience with these breeders is very good and we can guarantee the health of these animals. For each and every species you find an extensive description in the animal folder, which will be handed out to you during our first contact.

Because REBAS is also specializing in breeding a diversity in breeds and mutations there is also background information about extensive subjects regarding the animals.

Next to the bred animals it is also possible to purchase other animals amongst which; birds, exotic rodents and reptiles. These animals will be coming from other hobbyists or companies which we do business with. Because we depend on the current stocks of external companies or people for these animals it is possible that some aren't available right away.

The delivery of your orders will usually happen once every two weeks and will be preceded by a phone call from us. You will give us the orders and we will deliver the animals that same week to you. The animals will be inspected by the store manager/owner and us, after which they will be homed at the store facilities. 

If anything should go wrong with the health of the animals a warranty is in place till 7 days after delivery. You will get a refund or another animal in return.

When you have any questions please feel free to contact us at our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our mobile phone number: 06-53663561 or our fax number: fax 0486-421074.

 REBAS is a rodent breeding company in the South of the Netherlands. The name Rebas is a contraction of the name René Bastiaans. If I recall correctly I've had rodents since I was seven years old. On that birthday I got my first Syrian hamster and his name was Ringo. That name was given to him by my sisters who were madly in love with Ringo Star of the Beatles. And I can assure you this rodent was at least as cute as he was. 

In the years after that more congeners joined and with that the first litters were born. Extension towards the other species within the rodent genus were inevitable. My second big passion became fancy rats. When I grew a little older my hobby was continued in my own shed and I started to broaden my interest in the origins of the wild congeners of my pets. Also I met people with similar interests and got introduced to the world of showing rats and dwarf hamsters. At a later stage my friends an  I even organised international shows for the most beautiful animals. The last one was in April 2009 where the REBAS Trophy Cup was introduced.

A few years ago I traded my job for my own company in breeding rodents. Together with my wife Mirjam I founded the company REBAS and we now deliver to more than 360 different pet stores the healthy and lovely pets that find their way to new owners like myself when I was 7 year old.

At this moment REBAS has grown to a social company that helps social institutes, schools and training facilities benefit from it. Despite the fact that we are a commercial company the passion and love for animals hasn't disappeared and it is still shows the hobby and soul that made us start.


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